Question: How to connect a creative cam notebook with a smartphone?

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by KushalKC | October 24, 2017 09:02 | #15091

I have removed a NIR filter and replaced it with a blue filter to capture NIR image for NDVI response of vegetation. It worked well connecting with a laptop. But I am intending it to work with a smartphone. How can I do it?


Hi, at least a couple years ago, I looked into this and it seemed there are ways with a custom app, but only on some Android phones. I'm not sure if this is still the case.

Another way is to connect it to a Raspberry Pi, and then use some of the #raspberry-pi photography software (see maybe #pi-camera for more?), then connect to it from your smartphone over WiFi or Bluetooth.

I'd love to see a well-documented guide for this, maybe on the spectrometry page, if you figure it out! I'm sure others would be interested!!

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If there are apps for it, could you please name one of them.

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