Question: How do I get the webcam feed on Spectral Workbench?

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by KenSuke | March 09, 2019 18:17 | #18502

Hi there,

I'm trying to calibrate my desktop Spectrometer. I have constructed it properly, and have used Open Broadcasting software (OBS) to make sure the webcam and dvd fragment are aligned properly. I'm able to see the spectrum with this , so I know that the webcam works and is aligned properly.

My difficulty is with the website. It detects the webcams connected to my system (integrated laptop webcam, and the spectrometer) but will not display any picture from either of them. The video-feed for selecting cross section just remains grey.

Any advice ?



I seem to remember the web site app does not cope well with two cameras. If you can find a software toggle on your system (you may even need to go into the BIOS) try using that to turn off your integrated webcam.

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