Question: Can you process multiple images at the same time?

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by JonathanM32 | January 09, 2017 16:05 | #13847

What I want to do or know

So I am neew to Infragram and I want to know how to batch process multiple Images.

Background story

I have a number of infragram images from a Raspberry Pi NoIR. I ultimately wish to compile them into a video that is NDVI. How can I accomplish this?


Hi, there are a few ways you might do this:

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I have used Ned's plugin for Fiji ( to convert an NGB video into NDVI. See this note: This will work for RGN videos too.

Fiji allows videos to be opened as a stack of individual frames. Then the Photomonitoring plugin can convert each frame into NDVI and Fiji can output a video from the stack.


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