Question: can the weather affect the air quality

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by D_county10 | April 27, 2021 19:28 | #26372

can the weather affect the air quality ?


Yes, in many ways. For example, rain can clean the air, making it much better. On the other hand, under the right circumatances, a high pressure system can trap pollution in local area for as long as the high is present. These are a couple of quick examples.

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Yes, I think weather can affect air quality because when you have all this different weather, it can contain things. For example ozone can be contained in sunny/hot weather. Ozone would definitely affect the air quality.

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The weather can have a significant impact on air quality since different aspects of the weather affect the amounts of ozone and particulates that are present in a specific area. Sunshine, rain, higher temperatures, wind speed, air turbulence, and mixing depths all affect pollutant concentrations.

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