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Question: What do I need to know before collecting soil for the Hanby soil testing kit?

by CherokeeConcernedCitizens | June 13, 2020 14:54 | #23837

We are testing the soil for petroleum hydrocarbons in our neighborhood using the Hanby soil testing kit. The instructions are easy to follow but there is not any information about how to collect the soil sampling. We would like to know what we should consider when choosing the location for collecting the soil, how far down should we dig to collect the sample, and anything else we may not be thinking to ask. Thanks


Not sure if you've seen some resources that were posted here:

From that page: If you are you trying to get baseline data about the soil contaminant levels, a good strategy would be to take individual samples from various locations on site, taken from various depths. If you are wanting to grow food in the soil and want to check for lead and other contaminant levels, you'd want to take samples from 2-14 inches deep, because that is the depth of the roots of most vegetables you would grow.

There are some more tidbits that may be useful, further down under What is your sampling strategy?

Thanks to @DanielleS for contributing these resources!

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Thank you @joyofsoy! @CherokeeConcernedCitizens, what other questions are you wondering about? Sending you good luck!

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