Question: Analysis of microplastics: are there platforms or support for this work?

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by Bronwen | July 26, 2019 19:09 | #20333

One of our BabyLegs Kickstarter backers asks (paraphrased):

Hi there, I´d like to apply this, involving people into citizen science projects, but the plastic forensic analysis could be a problem.

Is there some kind of alternative analysis platform? I was thinking if it would be possible to upload some images which in turn would be analyzed by experts?


Hello! As one of those potential experts, I'd say that we would not get an accurate read on just photos. When we do counts for third parties it is always of the entire original sample (straight from the tights, when possible). It also requires either an ongoing relationship with those groups if the analysis is pro bono, or a paid contract. While some experts do counts from photos take by a scanning microscope, the photos are usually laboratory-quality after a (toxic) process that digests all organics from a sample. Max

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