Question: Raspberry Pi 1 Sd card configuration used in a Raspberry Pi 3?

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by Braunlkg | July 20, 2017 17:47 | #14670

I am wondering if a micro SD card configuration in a Raspberry Pi 1, used for transmitting live data to the internet from a Dylos Air Quality Monitor, can the same configuration on the SD card that is currently used in a Raspberry Pi 1 work the same in a Raspbarry Pi 3?

We are currently using a Dylos Air Quality monitor to monitor air quality near a construction site on the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Campus. The Dylos has been attached to a Raspberry Pi 1 and it is supposed to transmit live air quality data to the internet. However the setup has never worked in the time we have been using it. The Raspberry Pi was always on and functioning but data was never transmitted, due to water damage the Raspberry Pi 1 recently broke so we are upgrading to the Raspberry Pi 3 and were hoping to find out if the same micro SD setup will function in the new Raspberry Pi.


Hi @Braunlkg! My first thought was: no. But It looks like maybe is possible ;) I attach you here some links. Related to going from rpi2 to rpi3 or from rpiB+ to RPi2B

And a more general question

As I understand after a fast net research the important step is doing an update/upgrade before moving from origin to destination.

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

Before trying i'd make a copy of your sd card using the "dd" command or the "SD card copier" built in raspbian

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