Question: How do I access insitu data on both the Huber’s Frontier Project and the Talon-Rio Tinto Mine (Talon Mine) to make a predictive analysis of the geospation distribution of the negative effects of these two projects?

by BIKIE-GERALD-24 | July 21, 2022 16:43 | #34172

Satellite remote sensing and geospatial data science constitute a very important tool in such project since they both enable the synoptic analysis and the time series understanding of projects with this level of complexity.

Institution:Geospatial solution
Needed ressources:insitu data
Motives for the interest:To solve community challenges


Hi @BIKIE-GERALD-24 ! This is an incredible question and idea to do predictive analysis ❤️

Would you please explain what "in situ data" means? I'm new to this field and think I have an idea, but I'm interested in understanding more. Thanks!

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