Question: Can the spectrometer or turbocharger be used for lal testing?

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by Ag8n | April 02, 2018 00:32 | #16048

I need the help of a microbiologist. L.a.l. or lysate testing is often used to test for pyrogens. That is microbes that can produce a reference if dead. It often used an extract of horseshoe crab blood to do this.

The test can be done visually, via turbidity, or with a spectrometer. The spectrometer used 405 nm, which is pushing it for the public labs spectrometer.

What special equipment, testing, etc.,is needed for the microbiological end of the test?

Thank you.


A partial answer. Each block of analyzers is heated to 37.0 C . They do not use a spectrometer. Instead, each cell in the analyzers has a led (at 405 nm) and photocell attached. There are 96 cells in the block that run at the same time, so the test takes some time.

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Woah interesting question! can you give me some context or background for it? I'll volunteer to do some hunting for someone who can help answer :)

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Thanks! Give me a couple of days and I'll email you a more detailed description. The help is appreciated!

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