Question: What software can i use to view Wheestat data?

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by Abdulhakeem0801 | November 12, 2017 09:20 | #15176

Dear sir/MamI have a wheestat open Source electrochemistry, but when I did experiment data will generate then i saved it but again i open it did not open. please tell how i will open is there any software. please tell me


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Hi, I just checked the software with Windows 10 and it seems to work fine.
When I click the "save_run" button it opens a dialog box that allows you to specify where to save the file. Make sure you know where the file is going. Then specify a file name. If you call it something like data.xls, then your computer will try to open it using excel. It will give you an error message saying that the format is not what excel expects but you can chose to continue without any problem. Once the file is open, select the first column, then go to the data tab and select the "text to columns" button. That will open a series of dialog boxes. You want to specify delimited, then by comma. If this does not work, let me know what is going wrong. To make sure that I see it, put "@JSummers" somewhere in the text. That will get it to me. Good luck, Jack

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