Question: how can I measure the wavelength of a red led? I suspect it is about 650nm but I want to know how to measure it.

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by 2globalvillage | March 29, 2020 02:26 | #23225

I put together a set of 40 red LEDs to test the theory put forth by NASA indicating that near infrared LEDs have shown to stimulate faster healing of a number of conditions including muscle and bone atrophy prevalent in astronauts.

I want to be able to measure the wavelength of different LEDs to experiment with combinations of different wavelengths.


Ok. If you are using the public labs spectrometer, it can be calibrated using the mercury lines in a compact florescent lamp (CFL).

You could then use the spectrometer to get an idea of the wavelength. Don't know how accurate you need the measurement to be, but it's a start. Look in the spectrometer section to get an idea of how to do it.

I'm not an expert on using the spectrometer, but there are many others here that are.

Good luck.

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