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I am Sudheesh Singanamalla, a dual major student studying Computer Science & Engineering at National Institute of Technology Warangal and Technology, Entrepreneurship and Product design at Indian School of Business, Hyderabad. I am reachable at the following email IDs - sudheesh95@gmail.com (Personal) - ssudheesh@student.nitw.ac.in - sudheesh_1543@tep.isb.edu My personal website is live at https://www.sudheesh.info/ and my active github profile is https://github.com/sudheesh001

I was previously an intern with Redhat R&D Bangalore and have contributed to the development of data visualizations for their internal productivity tools and visualized the data between openshift and glusterfs. I’ve previously interned with Microsoft on their Azure cloud platform and built an artificial intelligent application for predicting the upcoming ticker price of stocks in the stock markets. I’ve worked along with Google Code for India, and worked along with an amazing team of developers to build a route optimization procedure on google maps which would be used by an NGO serving more than ten thousand children their mid day meals in the city of Bangalore and its surroundings.

My interests in computer science are web technologies, algorithms, language processors and data mining. The programming language in which I’ve done most of my major open source contributions are in JavaScript and Python. I generally prefer to work with JavaScript, Python, C and C++, but I am familiar with Assembly, PHP, Java and Scala. When it comes to build web applications I prefer to use Node.js, Flask (python), Django (python) and Codeigniter (PHP).