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I am a forth year student at Hampshire College studying mycoremediation - the use of fungi to degrade/transform/absorb anthropogenic xenotoxins in our soil and waterways. I have taken a mycology course at my university and am currently TAing a mushroom practicum for more hands on experience. I have undergone a month long internship at Aloha Medicinals where I received my clean room certificate and advanced spawn making techniques certificate. I have taken Ja Schindler of Fungi of the People's weeklong mycoremediation course, along with Tradd Cotter of Mushroom mountain's weekend long mycoremediation course. Along with various other general cultivation courses/classes around the country. This last summer up to now I have taught dozens of classes/workshops sometimes up to three in one week. Topics varied from: Introduction to fungi/ecological roles/lifecycles, Gardening with Stropharia, Shiitake logs, Cultivating Oyster Mushrooms, Transforming local "waste" with low tek oyster mushroom production, Mycoremediation, The Degradation of Cigarette Butts by Fungi, Mycomedicinals, Lab Skills, The ins and outs of a commercial mushroom facility, and the future of fungi/the top of the line research going on in the mycological world, indoor biomimetic closed loop permaculture systems, and mycopermaculture. Teaching in Massachusetts New Hampshire, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Ecuador. I also helped with the mycoremediation presentations at Telluride Mushroom Festival 2016. For the last couple years I have been working at managing and maintaining a local Mushroom Farm - Fungi Ally - who grows gourmet mushrooms, spawn and teaches mycology to the local community. I have been working on an independant project and the remediation of cigarette butts. Now I am working in collaboration the Amazon Mycorenewel Project/corenewel, and working with a mycoremediation team spearheaded by Daniel Reyes in collaboration with Tradd cotter from Mushroom Mountain to clean up brownfield sites in the USA. We currently have a project site in Austin Texas, in Ecuador and are working with Tradd cotter from mushroom mountain. The vision is to create a mycoremediation super team with the collaboration of organizations like Mushroom mountain, The Amazon Mycorenewel Project, Radical Mycology, and lots of eager mycologists, scientists, organizers etc from all around the world. Also working with a group to create a web platform to make mycoremediation research assessable and practical for people everywhere.


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