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GSoC Update 1.

by xvidun | May 19, 2014 20:44 19 May 20:44 | #10483 | #10483

This is the start of the coding period, good luck to all the participants.

So far with some difficulties! I have setup my local version of Mapknitter and have been looking into the codebase and tinkering with it trying to understand them. Mapknitter being 2.3.15 I've had to learn and unlearn many things, it would be awesome to use rails version 4 with so many advantages, but I understand migrating this would be a difficult task. I'm also curious as to if the plot-dev team considered migrating making it easier on the 'new world' developers.

Schedule for the coming week or two:

  • Work on the implementation for drag and drop functionality probably using the Jquery-File-Upload plugin, can be decided on later.
  • Implement feature to upload multiple images and list them off map and select them when required.
  • Work on bootstrap to improve the general interface in mapknitter.
  • Options for user to view sorted list of images from the particular region.

I've never worked with jquery-file upload before, i've heard its too heavy for simple tasks. I'm not sure of other options, will need some advise on this.

Other Points:

  • Final date for college end is 22nd may, until then I cannot be really productive.
  • My timezone is UTC +5:30 and usually prefer working in the evenings.
  • As my work for this summer is not a lot, if completed early on I can find other problems for Mapknitter that I can work on.


Hi, Vidhun - can you add your profile links and github fork link here:


I'd love the codebase to be at least Rails 3, and it wouldn't be too much work, but I think it may be a distraction from this summer's work for you. But tell us if you keep having trouble with 2.3.x

Please take a look at the code I linked to from your proposal page, in the codebase, which is a working jquery-file-upload system integrated into a Rails 3.2 site. I'd start perhaps by creating an empty page with an upload area, with a dotted region just like and just seeing if you can upload a single image. That'll really be the first big task of your project and you'll then be able to include that template (view) in other page layouts.

Thanks for the update and for posting it as a research note!

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Oh, one more thing - if you tag each of your posts with "response:10139" as I just did, it'll always link back to your original GSoC proposal, which'll help keep things organized.

Finally, can you post a link to this research note to the plots-gsoc list so the other students are encouraged to follow your example and post updates this way? Thanks :-)

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Hi Vidhun!

Great going. All the best for your project too! :)

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