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Scenes from a LEAFFEST

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Share a few of your LEAFFEST photos in a comment below.

LEAFFEST went very smoothly this year, maybe because we are getting really good at LEAFFEST. It was a smaller crowd than in the past few years, and that meant we could move nimbly between projects.

Above: Agenda for Saturday. The red checks indicate agenda items that were addressed. The photographic prints were taken with an actual Polaroid camera.

Will and Katie focused on using a Raspberry Pi Zero W to take microscopic photos of dust. I'll let them explain why they were doing that.

Above: Agenda for Sunday. Center diagram is a one-point perspective drawing of a Raspberry Pi microscope. Lower left diagram is a three-point perspective drawing of the same thing from the viewpoint of a piece of dust in the petri dish (where there is a man and dog). Both diagrams by J. Warren although one was retouched by an unpaid intern.

This was the first LEAFFEST to fall on the first of October when a repeat photo is taken from the backyard every year. The 11 years of photos in this series suggest that foliage color in Vermont is not something we should take for granted.

Above: One of these photos is not like the others. Also, the last three are more green than the others. This is either a trend or natural variability. Tune in next year for more.

Above: LEAFFEST project -- Use a freezer to keep beverages cold without freezing them.

Above: LEAFFEST solution -- Use a KAPtery Nano Data Logger to record and display the temperature inside the freezer. BME280 sensors were inside (left) and outside (lower right) the freezer.

Above: LEAFFEST trick -- Place a few gallons of water in the bottom of the freezer for thermal mass.

Above: LEAFFEST result -- It worked pretty well.

Above: Saturday dinner with corn, eggplants (in tomato and pepper sauce), and bean salad from the garden.

Above: Saturday debriefing (with salsa and Babaganoush from the garden) before dinner.

Thanks to Public Lab for sponsoring another LEAFFEST. It makes a really big difference to see other Public Lab folk at least once per year.

Below are research notes and questions posted about LEAFFEST 2017. Some of the questions have been answered, but some are mostly for organizing the agenda and some are more or less rhetorical.

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Scenes from a LEAFFEST @cfastie over 6 years ago 2
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What is the scenario under which you would use an optical vs. a passive monitor to measure dust? @kgradow1 over 6 years ago 1
How does data from a Kestrel wind sensor compare to an Modern Device wind sensor? @warren over 6 years ago 1
How long does it take to build the hackteria microscope? (is it easy?) @kgradow1 over 6 years ago 3
Can we take photos with the Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi camera? @wmacfarl over 6 years ago 2
How to build an efficient workflow for small-scale kit manufacturing? @kgradow1 over 6 years ago 1
Walkthrough: What software is used to get wind data off the Kestral? @kgradow1 over 6 years ago 1
Does leadership require expertise? @mollydb over 6 years ago 1
What can the contributor data tell us about the community around PL? @mollydb over 6 years ago 0
What rocks are native to Salisbury, VT? @kgradow1 over 6 years ago 6
How do we get data off of different wind sensors @warren over 6 years ago 2
NASA Aeropod unboxing @cfastie over 6 years ago 0
What should we do at LEAFFEST? @cfastie over 6 years ago 11
Join us at LEAFFEST 2017 @cfastie over 6 years ago 4


@cfastie so sorry to have missed this. The rock shop would have been tons of fun. Any Garnet in those hills??

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Hi Zengirl. We missed you bigly. Turns out Katie's a rock hound. Who knew? (no, Public Lab, this is not a question). She went all in on the geology. Now every year we have to do a mushroom hunt AND a geology tour. Pretty soon there will be no time at all for kites.

There are garnets somewhere in these hills. Garnets are the Vermont state gemstone. The best ones come from Mount Belvidere where all the serpentine is. So maybe there are some at Vermont Verde Antique. We'll have to find out next year.

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