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Infragram Point & Shoot; Time-lapse Difficulty

by balsip | April 09, 2016 04:47 09 Apr 04:47 | #12947 | #12947

I would like to set up the code on the camera to shoot on a time-lapse interval (120 seconds).

It will shoot a couple pictures at the specific interval, but will then shut off (batter has power).

Not sure what in the code is wrong, or if the problem lies elsewhere. I'm posting the code below if anyone has a minute to check it out. It would be much appreciated.


Date time=[2016/03/24 13:10:00];date time setting,format yyyy/mm/dd hh:mm:ss

Video Mode 1 resolution=[0];Movie resolution setting,0:1080p(Large AOV),1:1080p(Small AOV),2:720p(Large AOV),3:720p(Small AOV) Video Mode 1 Frame Rate=[2];Movie frame rate setting,1:60fps (only for 720p small AOV), 2:30fps Video Mode 2 resolution=[3];Movie resolution setting,0:1080p(Large AOV),1:1080p(Small AOV),2:720p(Large AOV),3:720p(Small AOV) Video Mode 2 Frame Rate=[1];Movie frame rate setting,1:60fps (only for 720p small AOV), 2:30fps

Photo Mode Capture Size=[0];set photo size,0:2304x1536,1:1920x1080,2:1280x720 Set Time Lapse Shooting=[8],0:off,1:0.25s,2:0.5s,3:1s,4:2s,5:5s,6:10s,7:30s,8:120s Photo Flip=[0];set Photo rotate,0:off,1:flip on

Movie cycle time=[2];movie cycle time,0:3 minutes,1:5 minutes,2:10 minutes,3:15 minutes,4:max to 4G byte, Movie Loop Recording=[0];set loop recording on or off,0:off,1:on, Time stamp=[1];set date/time stamp on or off,0:off,1:on, Movie sound=[1];set movie sound,0:mute,1:on, Movie Flip=[0];set movie rotate,0:both off,1:mode 1 on and mode 2 off,2:mode 1 off and mode 2 on,3:both on, Movie quality=[1];set movie quality,set movie data rate,0:Super,1:Standard,2:Low, Movie high dynamic range=[0];set movie high dynamic range,0:off,1:on,2:Enhanced Brightness.

Power on=[1];set system power on time,0:delay,1:fast Power off=[1];set system auto power off time when system pending,0:off,1:30 seconds,2:1 minutes,3:2 minutes, Auto Record with External Power=[0];set connect with power to start video recording automatically,0:off,1:on, One Power Button to Auto Record=[0];set press power key to start video recording automatically,0:off,1:on, Auto Off with External Power disconnected=[0],0:Immediately,1:delay 10s;2:record to low battery power off, LED=[1];set LED flicker when recording,0:off,1:on, Charge from USB Host=[0]; when connecting with USB host, charge camera or not,0:on,1:off Lens option =[0];select lens,0:lens A,1:lens B Light frequency =[1];set light source frequency,0:50 HZ,1:60 HZ

TV out=[0];set Tv out,0:NTSC,1:PAL, TV Display Ratio=[0];set display ratio,0:43,1:169

Motion Detect=[0];set motion detect,0:off,1:on Motion Detect Timeout=[2];set motion detect timeout,0:5s,1:15s,2:30s,3:60s Motion Detect Sensitivity=[0];set motion detect Sensitivity,0:high,1:nomal,2:low

White Balance=[7];Set White Balance,0:Auto,1:Sunny,2:Cloudy,3:Tungsten,4:Fluorescent,5:Custom WB1,6:Custom WB2,7:Custom WB3 Sunny(5000-6500K) used for sunny with clear sky(Rgain=301,Ggain=256,Bgain=368); Cloudy(9000-10000K) used for shade or heavily overcast sky(Rgain=301,Ggain=256,Bgain=384); Tungsten(2500-3500K) used for Tungsten bulb (or called Incandescent light)(Rgain=184,Ggain=256,Bgain=711); Fluorescent(4000-5000K) used for fluorescent lamps(Rgain=333,Ggain=256,Bgain=525); Customized White Balance 1 Red Gain=[310],Green Gain=[500],Blue Gain=[700]; Customized White Balance 2 Red Gain=[310],Green Gain=[500],Blue Gain=[700]; Customized White Balance 3 Red Gain=[310],Green Gain=[500],Blue Gain=[700]; Set red ,green,blue gain,256 is 1x gain,value from 100 to 999;

Color Effect=[0];Set Color Effect,0:Standard,1:Mono,2:Sepia,3:Cool,4:Cooler,5:Warm,6:Warmer,7:Vivid Exposure Value= [0] ;Exposure compensation,values from -128 to +128,In 1 increments,default value is 0, Contrast= [0] ;Set Contrast,values from -128 to +128,In 1 increments,default value is 0, Saturation= [0] ;Set Image Saturation,values from -128 to +128,In 1 increments,default value is 0, Sharpness= [0] ;Set Image Sharpness,values from -128 to +128,In 1 increments,default value is 0,

{TLCAM MOV:TLCAM Mobius ActionCam 2014/03/17 v1.20} {LDTLCAM,v003}


Hmm, @tonyc was just doing this and I think I remember hearing that there may have been changes to the firmware? @tonyc, any suggestions?

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I used new firmware, which had the ability to do low power mode on any interval over 5mins.

I use 6 min interval, to be safe, and it allows camera to power all the way down between shots. I don't know how to do this with a faster interval, though.

I had the lastest firmware from 20151924 I believe.

Then the code on syscnfg will look different, and it's pretty self explanatory from there. Look at my note for more info. I'd have to unhook the camera to get the actual code, and it's taking time lapse of a building being demoed.

The commends in the config file make it really clear, though. Not sure how long battery would last at 2 min. interval with camera remaining powered on, though. Probably not too long.... t

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I'd be fine with a less frequent lapse interval, so 6-min would be fine by me. I see your point about battery life, so this kink might be serendipitous.

Thanks, Tony. I'll report back with code if I get it working. If you happen to disconnect, I'd appreciate you doing the same.

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