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Tidmarsh Farms meetup

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This is the Event Page for Boston's PLOTS Tidmarsh Meet Up

Nov 17th 2012 Mapping Meetup

There have been a few requests for weekend mapping workshops on the listserv, and so in an effort to create a more active arena for skill sharing and collaboration in the Boston and greater-Boston area, Jeff and I thought it would be fun to organize a meet up -- similar to the recent LEAFEST in Vermont but more informal and for only half of a day.

Our proposal for the first (of hopefully many more) Boston PLOTS meet up is Saturday, November 17, 2012 at Tidmarsh Farms in Manomet, MA. We'll have more logistical information soon, but let us know if you're available on November 17 to meet up at Tidmarsh Farms for a skill share/mapping session and potential potluck. Feel free to add your name below.


Date: Saturday, November 17, 2012

Location: 137 Bartlett Road, Manomet, MA 02152 ( - Google Maps

Time: 12PM until there's no more wind, we run out of helium or we get hungry

Contact: email "" or call/text Jeff's cell at 415 508 6769 or Jen's cell at 978-302-7908.

Note: we'll be meeting at noon at 137 Bartlett Road -- the proper address should be 139 but 137 is easier to see. The meet up point is a grey industrial barn that does not have a number.

Interested in participating:


  • Jeff Warren
  • Catherine D'Ignazio & Family
  • Jen Hudon
  • Caterina Scaramelli
  • Caroline Howe
  • Jie Zhang
  • Anya Domlesky
  • Kate Sokol
  • Fiona Luhrmann
  • Ben Weeks
  • Sarah Williams
  • Luisa Beck
  • Susanna Pho
  • Kevin Siwoff
  • Glorianna Davenport
  • Don Blair

To dos:

  • Find nearby coffee shops for sheltering afterwards
  • how will potluck work (indoor area? Barn?) -- bbq grill
  • Decide on equipment needed for skillshare -- kites, kits, string, juice bottles, gloves, tape, etc.
  • Choose specific location on farm (update coming very soon from Glorianna Davenport, farm owner -- but basically 100-150 acres of the southern end of the farm)
  • WiFi Hotspot for MapKnitter Demo (Jeff has a T-mobile 4g hotspot as long as there's reception)

Add information about tweets: @PublicLab, #BostonPLOTS

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Site planning

This map shows the area outlined in red which we'd like to map.


More photos by Pablo.