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Staff Call Note 7 25 2011

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Mon, July 25, 2011:

PLOTS: the organization

Go over time sheet, mileage and reimbursement sheet * Time sheet: * Campfire * Receipts: * Mileage: spreadsheet is in dropbox. fill out, put copy in plots/receipts/pending/YourName/mileage_YourName.xls public transit gets re-embursed through receipt forms

Okay to get going with Paychex? Who wants to research health insurance options? Stewart’s Mom. Public Lab staff birthdays: Month/Day/Year 4 ft/1 ht sara: 3/1/1980 Mat: 1/10/1983 Stewart: 12/15/1979 Liz: 11/23/1977 i better not be the oldest one in here- adam is screw you all :) yeah but older men are sexy sweet! Jeff:11/1/1983 Shannon: 1/22/1983 aquarius haha thanks Liz Adam: 4/11/77 (but I don’t need insurance)

Didn’t do this last week: Sunday, July 17, 3EST: Mathew: Corporate sponsorships What are our limits of corporate sponsorship sponsorship- Donations of materials - how do we thank them? how will we be beholden? how will they use our name?

Donations- case by case- i.e. can take tyvek from Dupont, but no reciprocation canon- Cross- promotions sponsorship- take money, they can use PL in ads Get sponsors for supply donations (inkind) What are the limitations of what we can accept? For instance- bottles from Pepsi - non-petroleum? Seem to be a preference for material corporate sponsor

Places we might want to get sponsorships from for Materials: Assessment process -matrix of concerns- concerns- extraction, waste handling, chemical manufacturing, manufacturing, worker rights

-matrix of desires- who do we want to sponsor us- patagonia (we reuse soda bottles, they recycle), Aveda (natural cosmetics), Organic Valley, clean cosmetics, green chemistry companies, Dr. Bronner? 1% for tha Planet.

We don’t want any corporate branding on public lab We might consider allowing other companies to use our brand?

Canon/camera maker- seek relationship with refurbished hardware/ bulk? Mat/Stewart/Jeff What do we want? Talk to jeff about his research on bulk refurbish orders target Powershot cameras that take NB-4L cameras under weight? 300g? Pentax Nikon Panasonic (Matushita)

cameras--lots of them, no requirement to use canon, no requirement to brand Public Lab,

Dupont -tyvek (no reciprocation, dupont logos, name rights, etc) Tyvek is a proprietary dupont product, no other sources. Garmin Helium companies

Monday, July 25, 3EST: Sara: Outcomes what direction do we want to take with this- locally, nationally, internationally- what are our goals, what have been identifiable goals from communities and individuals we have worked with?

Sara- can we also talk non-research based outcomes? Like how we want to strengthen our approach to getting data used by the people collecting it, what it can do for policy, etc.

Outcomes of Research so far: Where, with whom and how should we follow on outcomes for research so far? What makes sense for us in terms of metrics.

The Forum as an outcome--for discourse: large-format (broadsheet) (11x17) retrospectively analyzing, have lots of mini-forums, so help small groups process and publish their results. Add templates on web that people can draw from. Example: Portland Afoot: “only on the bus story” 11x17 foldout: there’s also an interview in each issue, couldn’t find a link

Further uses of data (OSM-type data onto map) drawing in local businesses, incorporate on the ground photos Can we put together outcomes for further uses of the data Policy outcomes Can we partner with groups to help people reach litigation or policy goals.

What are our outcomes so far? Jeff--Peru--lima maps--made by students and artists--not very much of maps, how are they valued? Process of making maps has produced lots of support.

Shannon--same with Gulf Coast--not very much used,Digital copies into libraries, collect all of this data- 1 GRM forum with one map, like have expectation of how many we will produce for this region, Exhibit in community center? Can we use this to develop longer term formal engagement with forum.

printing- can we print more copies? what formats read? can we do a shorter turnaround on 11x17, and are those “small” maps still valuable?

Lumcon--follow up area,

Mat--Butte--usablity of mapping--no need to make new maps, centerville neighborhood, kites a great way to meet people--has framed as being there to build kite kit.

Stewart--broke ground in helping people collect information, Do we make tools, implement their use, or advocate for policy?

Sara- Empowerment through tool use- I can do this feeling closing the loop on mapping is difficult because outcomes ambiguous, but other tools have clearer data lifecycles.

Go back to our tool groups and talk about outcomes for our tools Tool use at sites outlined on SIP NYC, Gulf, Butte

How should we approach Outcomes research?

What papers are we working on that involve or require this research? 4S AAA Journals of Asthetics and Protest Antipode

Short Term Goals: 1. Could each research focus outline a set of goals with their funding proposals?

Mid Range Goals Interactive Exhibition Video tutorials

Spectrometer kit Kite building kit Urban farming cross-city initiative Pilot Endocrine disruption screening Roomba kit?

Barn Raising

Writing case studies/evaluations on current sites

Long Term Goals