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Rhus H2S experiment

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This page is for planning experiments with the Rhus platform and mapping H2S detection with photographic strips and draeger tubes.

The goal of this experiment are to combine the Rhus platform for geotagging images with balloon mapping and Hydrogen Sulfide testing. Rhus would be used to geotag locations of sample strips to maps of the site, along with results. With the aim of producing clickable maps like this:

We hypothesize that combining Rhus, pair balloon mapping and the H2S strips could create data rich maps and convincing evidence as:

1) Images of putting test strips in place could be time and gps stamped 2) Images upon collection of strips could be time and gps stamped 3) Resulting data would be easy to share and map, and the representations could be very easily readable

A second goal they are investigating is whether they can make an iphone app that would help with data interpretation.

Next steps:

  1. Deploy generic Rhus or (Public Labs version of Rhus) to be used by community members.
  2. Find testing location
  3. Send strips and draeger tubes
  4. Develop experimental protocol
  5. Send research materials

Programming Resources:

  1. We will probably want to visualize the final data using a heatmap, something like if we stick with openlayers. for Leaflet.