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Wetlands Toolkit

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Image: Community mapping of Bayou St. John, New Orleans, LA.

Simple, appropriate technologies for community wetland management

Managing wetlands is easier when communities and organizations can work together with a shared understanding of the science and policy involved. Through the educational, engaging, and empowering activities in this toolkit, community members can learn to more accurately monitor and recommend ways to improve urban wetland projects.

This toolkit has six (6) activities:

  • Group goal setting
  • Wetlands 101
  • How to Map
  • Stitching images into maps with
  • What exactly to monitor in a wetland
  • After collecting the data, what is next?

Workshop 1: Group goal setting

Workshop 2: Wetlands 101

Workshop 3: How to Map

Workshop 4: Stitching images into maps

Workshop 5: What exactly to monitor in a wetland

Workshop 6: After collecting the data, what next?