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Raspberry Pi Spectrometer

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This page collects efforts to develop a Raspberry Pi (#raspberry-pi) based spectrometer, building on Public Lab (and others') open source DIY spectrometer designs.

Design goals

The Raspberry Pi camera (especially the version 2 camera) is very sensitive and good resolution, very inexpensive (<$20), has very low baseline noise, and is extremely configurable.


You can now download ready-to-use camera software on our Pi Builder page.


Questions can be either frequently asked questions, or "next step" challenges we're looking to solve.

Title Author Updated Likes Comments
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Can I upgrade a DIY spectrometer with a Raspberry Pi camera? @warren over 7 years ago 10
Getting the spectrometer to work with a Raspberry Pi? @anjohn12 almost 8 years ago 6


Activities show how to use this project, step by step.

Activities should include a materials list, costs and a step-by-step guide to construction with photos. Learn what makes a good activity here.