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Picavet Rigging

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Jessi Breen's Picavet

The Picavet rig has a long history-- developed in the 19th century for kite aerial photography and rediscovered in the 1980's. It uses a continuous loop of string through four points on a platform and 2 or 4 points above to automatically level a platform. See this great page on for construction details.

Several mappers have built simple variations of the Picavet:

Chris Fastie built a dual-camera Picavet rig and has a great video showing its construction and first flight.

Michele Tobais uses a Picavet rig built on a trash can to provide extra protection for huge cameras

Jessi Breen is developing a mini-cd crate picavet to protect her camera

Mathew Lippincott has a simple modification of the PET bottle rig to add a picavet rigging