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OpenHour Mondays 8:00pm EST on Google Hangout!

OpenHour is a weekly interactive seminar hosted by the Public Lab Community. Mondays at 8:00pm EST. The topics of open hour vary from presentations on tools and methods, discussions on environmental issues, to approaches to data-based advocacy. OpenHour is a great way to meet people in the Public Lab Community. See you at OpenHour!

How to Join

There are two ways to join OpenHour:

  1. Watch the video below and sign into the chat room to chat with speakers and other watchers.
  2. Use the "Join the Call Live" button that will appear below the video just before the call starts.

Topic Schedule:

JULY 21: Join us Monday 8:00pm EST for OpenHour on: Water Contaminants and Detection
Join us for this OpenHour discussing Water Contaminants and ways to detect them! In this OpenHour we will be hearing from guest speakers:

Bring your research, your ideas, and your questions; and join us for OpenHour

Join the Call» Use the chatroom below to discuss and ask questions.

Connect with us in a chatroom below

JULY 28: Open Air / Particulate Sensing

Propose new sessions on the Talk page.

Past OpenHours

JULY 14: Spectral Analysis

Missed the event? See it here!

Next OpenHour we will be discussing Spectral Analysis, How can it be used? And where can the science of spectrometry take us in the future? We will be joined by:

  • Jeff Warren, Public Lab Research Coordinator, who will be discussing spectrometry, and its applications for oil sampling.
  • Amy Soyka who will discuss color theory, and her project to testing dust and water samples from the Latrobe valley following a mine fire!

JULY 7: Near Infrared Photography

Missed the event? See it here!

Near-Infrared Imaging This week on OpenHour we discussed Near-Infrared Imaging and!
Ned Horning and Dorn Cox also joined covering topics of:

  • The science and technology behind NIR,
  • Examples of it in use, and
  • Where this technology could head in the future!

JUNE 30: Aerial Mapping

Missed the event? See it here!

Aerial mapping and new collaborative map developments! Learn about aerial photography and mapknitting. Hear about a new software development and ways use maps to tell stories through text, images, multimedia and annotations. See community case studies that apply these tools to projects, and help shape the future of mapmaking in your community!

During this OpenHour we heard from:

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