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May 26th AS220 Thermal Flashlight Workshop

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This weekend Public Lab had it's first Public event in Providence Rhode Island, hosted by [[|AS220 Labs]]. It was a big success with each participant making their own Thermal Flashlight from scratch. A huge thanks is deserved to those who help others trouble shoot this process particularly Byeongwon, Megan and Matt!

This page is for those involved in the workshop to add photos, thoughts and reflections on the workshop.

We also kicked off a Public Lab Providence mailing list.

Here are a couple of my thoughts:

  1. We should annotate the Flashlight code so it is easily understandable for non-programmers. Particularly making clear where the temperature is set in the code. We had problem because the default temperature range 60 to 75 degrees, was exceeded by the summer temperatures in the upper 70s. Without being able to recognize where this was set in the code people thought their flashlights were broken.

  2. In the future we could split the workshop into two sections: one for making flashlights, one for imaging. As it was we didn't get enough time for the imaging portion.

Progress to document on the Flashlight development (It would be amazing to get research notes or participants thoughts on these)

  1. Neat DIY Flashlight Dish for enhancing the range of the Thermal Flashlight

  2. Experimental approaches for figuring out the range of the Thermal Flashlight

  3. Alternative screen capture application for Macs

How to Make Research Notes

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  3. Subscribe to Thermal Flashlight project updates, Providence updates or up dates from particular researchers. At the bottom of each research note you can find a drop down menu labelled "subscription". Click that menu you and can subscribe to the author's note, the place and the research theme. See the bottom of [[|this]] note about our last Thermal Flashlight workshop in RISD: