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food desert

  • problem definition/description
  • existing initiatives that address food deserts (there are a lot, so just sticking to what came up in this thread related to PL)
    • Newark Green Community Garden
    • Growing Power
    • etc
  • research directions
    • Link to Ariel's research papers

food quality

  • problem definition/description
  • research directions
    • food fraud (link to Yagiz' work on olive/peanut oil spectroscopy)
    • nutrient density experiments

food growing research

  • Infrared imagery for plant health
    • in cover crop monitoring (FarmHack)
    • in crop surveillance (FarmHack, other farms)
    • in community gardens evaluating/demonstrating their practices (Green Community Garden)
  • Tracking outputs
    • Farming Concrete / Five Borough Farm
    • more here....


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