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March Mapping Madness-Boston

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Hodgkins Park, Somerville

Planning Page for March Mapping Madness Event in the Boston area

Hello proud new owners of balloon mapping kits -- and everyone else!

Hopefully if you've participated in the Balloon Mapping Kit Kicstarter, you've all got your kits now; some of us in the Boston area are gearing up for a local "March Mapping Madness" skill-sharing meetup (see more about these events worldwide at where folks doing Public Lab-related stuff can get together and try some balloon mapping.

Eventbrite invite (RSVP):

When: 10am on Saturday, April 7th Where: Hodgkins Park, which is up the street from the Davis Square stop on the Red Line T.

Why: Well, you've got this kit now, and before trying to map some really tough stuff, it's a good idea to do a trial run. Also a great chance to meet other local mappers and exchange tips.

Who: we need both those who want to learn to balloon/kite map, and folks who can help show others how to get started. If you've done this before, you're an expert, and we could use your help showing others how to do it. Public Lab is an open source community, which means everyone's got to pitch in!

What: i.e. what should you bring, and what are we bringing:

  • You: sunscreen, hat, water, sunglasses, and of course YOUR BALLOON KIT if you have one
  • We: extra string reels, balloon, some helium, kites
  • If you've got it: kites, leather work gloves, cameras and food/water to share



Please add your name and what you are bringing:

R.J. Steinert (balloon mapping kit) Jen Hudon, 
Arlene Ducao, arlduc(at) (depending on date)


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