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Map Formats

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What to download

Confused by all these different map formats? Read on:

OpenLayers web viewer

The easiest way to view a map is by clicking on the OpenLayers link. This will open a web page with a draggable, zoomable map; to share it with people, just send them the URL. These should also be embeddable on your own website; we're working on getting an easy HTML code so you can do that.


The easiest way to download a map, for printing or viewing it offline is to click on the JPG link; this will just let you download a full-resolution JPG image of the map, with a white or black background.


If you want to download for archival reasons, get the GeoTiff -- it not only has geographic metadata, but it preserves more color and detail than the JPG. It is a much larger file, though, so it may take a while to download.

TMS: Tiled Map Service

A TMS is a standards-compliant tile service for you map geeks; this one follows the official TMS spec with the origin at bottom-left. Use tms-filter to convert between that and the OpenStreetMap-style upper-left convention.

Extra formats

We try to provide these formats for every map, but they are not our "core" formats; that said, if you send us a link to one, we'll probably add it to that map's page.

  • MBTiles
  • Google Maps web viewer