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Public Lab Fellows Program

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While anyone may join Public Lab and take part in developing and applying do-it-yourself pollution monitoring techniques, the Public Lab non-profit also supports fellowships that emphasize peer production projects working on community environmental health issues. Fellowships activities can include:

  • Researching and publishing on methods for accessible community science monitoring techniques.
  • Developing, incubating and distributing hardware and software research tools (and associated methodology) that are low cost, easy to use, and modifiable.
  • Collectively applying these tools in research and monitoring projects in particular locales.
  • Advocating for community-identified goals and objectives by sharing the resulting data and knowledge with peers, regulatory agencies, press, and other stakeholders.

Current Fellowships

  • Katie Gradowski: Community Technology Fellow
    Through a joint fellowship being offered by Public Lab and the Fair Tech Collective, the Fellow will do research to update and archive the bucket air sampler. The Fellow will be responsible for writing and editing an updated technical and organizing manual for communities who want to use the bucket. To help ensure the sustainability of the bucket, the Fellow will identify labs that can provide reliable, affordable air sample analysis and communicate with stakeholders about the feasibility and organization of a potential network of bucket trainers.

Past Fellows: