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OLDFirst Annual Barnraising!

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First Annual Public Laboratory Barn Raising*!

From October 21st to 23rd Public Laboratory Staff, members and local and technical specialists will be gathering in Asheville, North Carolina to have some fun while developing and testing a DIY, low cost infrared camera.

Infrared photography can help assess a plant’s health, and has been used on satellites and planes for agricultural and ecological assessment, mainly by vineyards, large farms and large-scale (read: expensive) research projects. By creating a low-cost camera and working in situ on wetland restoration, brownfield remediation, and a local organic farm we hope to explore grassroots uses for this kind of technology. What could farmers or activists do with this kind of data if the equipment costs as little as $100?

We will be working on site along the banks of Asheville’s French Broad River with an non-profit community organization dedicated to restoring the river’s wetlands and remediating brownfield sites along the banks, RIVER LINK. Over two days we aim to further prototype, develop and examine the usefulness of low cost infrared imaging from our Grassroot mapping balloons and kites for the regional brownfield remediation, wetland restoration and small scale farming.

The Barnraising will be a small gathering of 20-25 participants with a broad range of expertise from participatory design, wetlands restoration, spectral and Infrared Imaging, organic farming, botany, community organizing and environmental activism. The Barnraising will involve lightening talks by participants on their background and field of expertise, workshops, field testing, data analysis and interpretation as well as celebratory feasting!

The schedule in brief: Friday 21th: Late afternoon: Arrival welcome, introductions and workshop, Saturday 22st: Day in the field! Sunday 23nd: morning session on data interpretation, documentation and wrap up for early afternoon departure.

Confirmed Attendees: To be announced soon!