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BabyLegs Outreach Kit

Public Lab is excited to announce the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for BabyLegs, a DIY research net (or trawl) for monitoring plastic pollution, especially microplastics, in surface water. Created with a pair of baby’s tights, soda bottles, and other inexpensive and easy-to-find materials, BabyLegs can be used to monitor floating microplastics from the surface of the water in your local ocean, lake, river, stream, or canal. (shortlink)

Partnering with CLEAR Lab and Dr. Max Liboiron, we’re looking forward to sharing accessible monitoring technology to measure microplastics. You can learn more about BabyLegs, including how it came to be and how it’s being used in the field at

Help us out!

During the launch, we'd love your help in spreading the word on social media!

Feel free to share/retweet these posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or post your own. You can tag us @PublicLab on all social media platforms.

Hashtags: #plasticpollution #marinedebris #microplastics #communityscience


Meet #BabyLegs, a #DIY #opensource instrument for measuring #microplastics and #plasticpollution in local waterways from @PublicLab and MaxLiboiron. Back on @kickstarter:


How do baby's tights relate to #microplastics? With the new #BabyLegs kit from @PublicLab and @MaxLiboirox, you can use everyday items to build your own plastics trawl to sample #plasticpollution in local waterways! Back the @kickstarter at


The new #BabyLegs kit from @PublicLab and @civiclaboratory uses easy-to-find materials to monitor microplastics in your local waterways. Back the @kickstarter at



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