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More than 20 people have taken the time to put their name on this list expressing interest in a Public Lab mailing list for our region, including people from Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand. Until a mailing list is created, interested folk can add their name to that list.

Following this initial research note and message to the main Public Lab list, about 40 people were involved in great discussions about open science and hardware in Melbourne on Wednesday 11 February. There have also been follow up discussions face-to-face, or via email or Twitter with people who couldn't make it in person, or who wanted to share ideas sparked following the event.

Two people in particular contributed on the Wednesday night in Melbourne, as well as folk including Lachlan and Maia who make Open Knowledge Australia meetups happen in Melbourne. The two people who really made the Public Lab Australia discussion worthwhile by bringing along their open hardware to show and tell are Jess Drake:

and Paul Szymkowiak:

As well as Jess and Paul's projects, related projects in Australia include Project Horus who participate in Hackerspace Adelaide, Drone Club meetings at Electron Workshop and some other meetups mentioned here. Feel free to add to the Etherpad if you know of other related communities, or you can add to this wiki directly.