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Archive Planning

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Planning for the upcoming Public Laboratory archive

This project is being led by Jeff Warren (website, design) and Stewart Long (data preparation)

The current status is: Up and running, comment system with geolocated comments is in the pipeline. Some zoom-level issues on OpenLayers maps.

  • media plan (outreach) (liz)
  • printed edition (see Posters project)
  • search function
  • “embed”
  • Reach out to people involved in mapping, for "field notes" and those who may be able to use the data.

Map Archive Outline and Backup Structure (Server and DVD)

Example root directory for DVD:


Contact list

  • Jon Fong, re: Grand Isle State Park
  • Don and Justin Blancher, re: Perdido Point and others
  • USGS contact (via Brenda something) -- asked for formats, now we have 'em!