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Rotating magnetic field generator against viruses,bacteria, malaria, tumor, autoimmune encephalomyelitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

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Why magnetic fields ?

Magnetic fields provide superior penetration in biological tissue. At least three physical mechanisms of biological effects of magnetic fields can be identified, namely molecular, supramolecular and system. An important biological process, sensitive to magnetic field, is DNA transcription by polymerase. Like ATP synthesis, catalysis of DNA transcription involves metal ions (Mg, Zn, ...) The viral replication cycle can be roughly divided into several steps: entry, uncoating, mRNA transcription and protein synthesis, replication of genetic materials, assembly and release. However, viruses still need to encode some proteins to facilitate their replication, which can serve as their vulnerabilities.....

For COVID-19 infection, it’s worth considering the role of rotating magnetic fields (RMF) in the various phases of infection: as prevention, in the incubation period, in the 3 phases of active COVID-19 infection (viremia, acute phase and recovery), in convalesecence and for healing of the infection-damaged tissue.

What is a rotating magnetic field ?

A rotating magnetic field (RMF) is a magnetic field that has moving polarities in which its opposite poles rotate about a central point or axis. Important : not to be confused with a static magnetic field. The rotating field may be created either by a rotating magnet or a set of electromagnets. Rotating magnetic field is when the magnetic field is produced by two alternating currents or moving polarities interacting asynchronously, with opposite poles rotating with synchronous speed, around a central axis.


What is non-ionizing radiation ?

Non-ionizing (or non-ionising) radiation refers to any type of electromagnetic radiation that does not carry enough energy per quantum (photon energy) to ionize atoms or molecules—that is, to completely remove an electron from an atom or molecule. Instead of producing charged ions when passing through matter, non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation has sufficient energy only for excitation, the movement of an electron to a higher energy state. Source - Wikipedia

The purpose of the experimental rotating magnetic field generator is to encourage more MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND GENETICS, VIROLOGY RESEARCHERS and signal processing experts to test, as soon as possible, the effects of rotating magnetic fields applied to different types of viruses (STARTING WITH COVID-19...) and bacteria. With further research, such fields might also be harnessed to facilitate delivery potential treatments.


max. input power 5W - 10 W

The main advantage of this device is its low cost and wearability.


frequency (Hz) = RPM x P/120

P= 2 ( number of poles )

RPM = 23072

The instrument can be used for the experiments of precise positioning for large sample groups, safe and reliable spin.



Prototype device mechanical aspects & prototype device motor drive

The experimental RMF generator can be replicated FREE by each interested laboratory with low cost (aprox. 60 Euro or less ), following the instructions presented in below article. If you encounter technical difficulties in the construction of the RMF generator you can contact us at - asistance free



Important note : the rmf generator can be connected to a pwm controller to adjust the speed of the electric motor resulting an adjustable frequency range 5 Hz - 383 Hz


input : DC USB external battery 5,1 V 2,4 A or USB charger

electric motor : 3 V - 5 V DC motor, shaft diameter 2 mm

26 mm sphere weight : 69,9410 g

sphere weight + metal case + connector weight : 75 g

max RPM : 23072


26 mm neodymium sphere technical data :


Material : NdFeB

Diameter : 26 mm

Coating Chrome-plated (Ni-Cu-Ni-Cr)

Strength : approx. 9,1 kg (approx. 89,2 N)

Max. working temperature : 80°C

Residual magnetism Br : 12200-12600 G, 1.22-1.26 T

Important note : the sphere is fixed in a specific position to generate the optimum rotating magnetic fields

Considerations :

The presented device produces a rotating magnetic feld - frequency 383 HZ, max. input power max 10 W .

The distance " z " between the subject test and the spinning neodymum sphere can be adjusted.

Due to the low power input (10 W) of the rotating magnetic field device, the indirect exposure of the workers in the laboratory during the tests, keeps them in a " safe area "

ROTATING MAGNETIC FIELDS experimental generator efficiency test

Considerations :

spinning magnet + stationary coil ( iron core or iron less ) => energy transfer. Energy is transferred from one state to another.

We have a magnet placed near a coil which has free electrons in it, like in the image below.If the magnet is rotated then the magnetic field around the magnet pulls the charge (electrons) in different direction which in turn causes the flow of electrons in the coil in alternate direction and hence current is generated.

Important note : the coil used in the test IS NOT a component of the Rmf generator


VIDEO RMF generator effciency TEST :

If you encounter technical difficulties during the construction of the RMF generator you can contact us at - asistance free

Defining the Human Microbiome

The human microbiota consists of the 10-100 trillion symbiotic microbial cells harbored by each person, primarily bacteria in the gut; the human microbiome consists of the genes these cells harbor.Microbiome projects worldwide have been launched with the goal of understanding the roles that these symbionts play and their impacts on human health.

IMPORTANT EXISTING STUDIES using " related " devices:

"Application of Rotating Magnetic Fields Increase the Activity of Antimicrobials Against Wound Biofilm Pathogens "

    1. Junka, R. Rakoczy, P. Szymczyk, M. Bartoszewicz, P. P. Sedghizadeh,and K. Fijałkowski

Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Parasitology, Wrocław Medical University, Borowska 211A, 50-556 Wrocław, Poland Institute of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection Processes, Faculty of Chemical Technology and Engineering, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Piastów 42, 71-065 Szczecin, Poland Centre for Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (CAMT/FPC), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Łukasiewicza 5, 50-371 Wrocław, Poland Center for Biofilms, Ostrow School of Dentistry of University of Southern California, 925 West 34th, Los Angeles, California, United States of America Department of Immunology, Microbiology and Physiological Chemistry, Faculty of Biotechnology and Animal Husbandry, West Pomeranian University of Technology, Szczecin, Piastów 45, 70-311 Szczecin, Poland K. Fijałkowski, Email: lp.ude.tuz@ikswoklajif.lorak.


The conclusion was:

" Our results suggest that RMF as an adjunct to antiseptic wound care can significantly improve antibiofilm activity, which has important translational potential for clinical applications."


Biofilm formed by (a) P. aeruginosa and (b) S. aureus (mag. 2,500x and 2,340x, respectively).


Reduction [%] of growth and biofilm biomass of microorganisms in cultures with (a) gentamicin and (b) ciprofloxacin after 1 h exposure to RMF depending on RMF frequencies. The results are presented as % reduction of growth and biofilm biomass in cultures with antimicrobial in comparison to the culture without antimicrobial after 1 h exposure to RMF and expressed as a mean ± SEM calculated from the four repetitions of the experiment.


"The test wasn't conducted with RMF only ( "+ " gentamicin and ciprofloxacin ). In addition, it's important to note that not all pathogens create or produce biofilm for survival. They used Pseudomonas aeruginosa as a model, but in fairness they have shown effects on other bacteria, including E. coli, as explained in the introduction in previous work."

RMF range 10–50 Hz

"Microbial transport of nutrients and metabolites relies on ion exchange canals; ions are also present inside of bacterial cytoplasm and in the external environment. Bearing in mind that all biological structures are somewhat electrically charged we can, at least partially understand discrepancies between results of other teams investigating magnetic fields."

" Growth of Plasmodium falciparum in response to a rotating magnetic field " (MALARIA)

Rebecca C. Gilson, Robert J. Deissler, Richard F. Bihary, William C. Condit, Mary E. Thompson, D’Arbra Blankenship, Kerry O. Grimberg, Robert W. Brown & Brian T. Grimberg

Affiliations :

Department of Physics, CWRU College of Arts and Sciences, 2076 Adelbert Road, Cleveland, OH, 44106-7079, USA Rebecca C. Gilson, Robert J. Deissler, Richard F. Bihary, William C. Condit, Mary E. Thompson & Robert W. Brown Department of Pathology, Center for Global Health and Diseases, Biomedical Research Building, Room 427, 2109 Adelbert Road, Cleveland, OH, 44106, USA Rebecca C. Gilson, D’Arbra Blankenship, Kerry O. Grimberg & Brian T. Grimberg

What hapens when rotating magnetic field intereact with paramagnetic haemozoin crystals (MALARIA) ?


Paramagnetic haemozoin crystals, a byproduct of the parasite’s haemoglobin digestion, interact with a rotating magnetic field, which prevents their complete formation, causing the accumulation of free haem, which is lethal to the parasites. - "

Considerations :

Over the course of 200,000 years, 108 billion people have lived on Earth. And nearly half, 52 billion, have been killed by mosquitoes. The impact of this disastrous insect has shaped civilization far beyond our expectations, according to historian Timothy C. Winegard, whose new book, The Mosquito: A Human History of Our Deadliest Predator, explores this lethal insect.

"The parasite dies at 5 and 10 Hz. The issue with this is that it's in vitro; it's not being tested alongside human tissue. It's also important to learn how the malaria parasite functions in the host."

The term in vivo refers to a medical test, experiment or procedure that is done on (or in) a living organism, such as a laboratory animal or human.

The term in vitro, in contrast to in vivo, refers to a medical study or experiment which is done in the laboratory within the confines of a test tube or laboratory dish.

"The issue I have with this study, is that it's not conducted on humans. How can this procedure be translated to real life subjects?"



"Potent Stimulation of Blood Flow in Fingers of Volunteers after Local Short-Term Treatment with Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields from a Novel Device"

Richard H. W. Funk , Lilla Knels, Antje Augstein, Rainer Marquetant, and Hermann F. Dertinger

" Healthy Volunteer Experiments

Short-term treatments (5 minutes) were carried out with the MagCell-SR device using rotating strong magnets (Fa. Physiomed, Laipersdorf, Germany) (Figure 1(a)) exhibiting electromagnetic frequencies between 4 and 12 Hz. A comparison of this treatment was also made with static magnetic fields (shut off the device means no rotation of the magnet disc). "


A - control device removed

B - during treatment with a static magnetic field (device shutoff)

C - during treatment with alternating magnetic field (device in operation)

D - immediately after treatment C

E - two minutes after treatment C

Considerations :

Shows that vessels dilate in the presence of rotating magnets, possibly due to the release of NO.

"Reducing blood viscosity with magnetic fields"

  1. Tao and K. Huang

Considerations :

Our body makes 3.8 million cells every second. Most of them are blood. According to biologists Ron Sender and Ron Milo of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, your body replaces around 330 billion cells per day. Most of those are blood cells, followed by cells in your gut. Less than 2 percent of your cell turnover is everything else.Confirming these numbers could help scientists better understand how the human body functions and the role cell turnover plays in both health and disease. Some cells live just a few days, while others – such as neurons in the cerebellum and lipids in the lenses of our eyes – are limited only by the lifespan of the host.

The article is locked, so it's a mystery to me how this was examined or processed.

" Rotating magnetic field delays human umbilical vein endothelial cell aging and prolongs the lifespan of Caenorhabditis elegans "

Xu J, Liu K, Chen T, Zhan T, Ouyang Z, Wang Y, Liu W, Zhang X, Sun Y, Xu G, Wang X.


Characterization of rotating magnetic field and experimental setup. (A) Experimental setup for treatment of Caenorhabditis elegans and cells with a rotating magnetic field (RMF). C. elegans and cells were positioned above the RMF generator and exposed to RMFs of different amplitudes consisting of two overlaying components: translational (with varying inversion time) and rotational (with varying rotational frequencies). (B, C) B(t, ω) represents the magnetic field induction as a function of time; B0 represents the amplitude; Fτ represents the contribution of the translational movement of different inversion time; and ωt represents the contributing rotation frequency.

" Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVECs) are cells derived from the endothelium of veins from the umbilical cord. They are used as a laboratory model system for the study of the function and pathology of endothelial cells (e.g., angiogenesis).[1] They are used due to their low cost, and simple techniques for isolating them from umbilical cords, which are normally resected after childbirth. "

Source : Wikipedia


RMF extends the life of HUVECs in a multi-target manner. (A) Volcano map showing the RNA-seq expression pattern in HUVECs exposed to RMF for 4 h compared to that of untreated control cells. Red indicates a higher expression level and green indicates a lower expression level. The distance of the dot from the x-axis reflects the size of the P-value. (B, C) Gene enrichment map in HUVECs exposed to a RMF for 4 h compared to untreated control cells. (D) Signal transduction pathways affected by RMF. (E) Predicted protein interactions.

Caenorhabditis elegans is a species of soil-dwelling nematode (roundworm) used as a model organism in molecular genetics and developmental biology

IMPORTANT STUDY with related effect :

Metformin Retards Aging in C. elegans by Altering Microbial Folate and Methionine Metabolism


The biguanide drug metformin is widely prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome, but its mode of action remains uncertain. Metformin also increases lifespan in Caenorhabditis elegans cocultured with Escherichia coli.

Filipe Cabreiro,1 Catherine Au,1,4 Kit-Yi Leung,2,4 Nuria Vergara-Irigaray,1 Helena M. Cochemé,1 Tahereh Noori,1 David Weinkove,3 Eugene Schuster,1 Nicholas D.E. Greene,2 and David Gems

1Institute of Healthy Ageing, and G.E.E., University College London, London WC1E 6BT, UK 2Neural Development Unit, Institute of Child Health, University College London, London WC1N 1EH, UK 3School of Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Durham University, Durham DH1 3LE, UK David Gems: ∗Corresponding author 4These authors contributed equally to this study


Rotating magnetic field exposure delays HUVEC senescence. (A, B) HUVECs were exposed to RMF daily for 0 h, 2 h, and 4 h; 20 μM metformin was used as a positive control. SA-β-Gal staining was performed and the number of β-Gal-positive (blue) cells was calculated as a percentage of the total cell number using Image J software. (C, D) Flow cytometry was used to detect the apoptosis of HUVEC after RMF treatment. (E) Western blot analysis showed that RMF exposure increased in AMPK protein expression and decreased P21, P53 and mTOR protein expression.

Considerations :

So many things happening in this study. I think they should have started with C. elegans, then used the same procedure with the endothelial human cells.

"Nerve–muscle activation by rotating permanent magnet configurations"

Peter A. Watterson and Graham M. Nicholson

Considerations :

An exciting field of theoretical work and experimental testing is opened up by this initial study. Further detailed testing is needed, ideally on longer nerves in vitro, but also on animals and humans in vivo (after ethical approval).

" Physiotherapy with rotating pulse magnetic field in combined therapy of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease "

Lobanov AIu, Gilinskaia NIu, Chereĭskaia NK.$=activity

The addition of RIMF in combined treatment of COPD improves treatment and shortens its duration.

Considerations : topic is locked , insuficient details.

"Pulsed Low-Frequency Magnetic Fields Induce Tumor Membrane Disruption and Altered Cell Viability"

Christopher P.Ashdown Scott C.Johns Edward Aminov Michael Unanian William Connacher James Friend Mark M.Fuste

Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary & Critical Care, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, California


Considerations :

A 10-min exposure of A549 human lung cancer cells to sequential 50- and 385-Hz oscillating magnetic fields was sufficient to induce intracellular protease release, suggesting altered membrane integrity after the field exposure

Possible applications of pulsed magnetic fields in novel anticancer strategies.


Rotating magnetic field ameliorates experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis by promoting T cell peripheral accumulation and regulating the balance of Treg and Th1/Th17


What is a virus ?

A virus is a sub-microscopic infectious agent, that cannot grow or reproduce apart from a living cell. A virus invades living cells and uses their chemical machinery to keep itself alive and to replicate itself. It may reproduce with fidelity or with " errors " (mutations); this ability to mutate is responsible for the ability of some viruses to change slightly in each infected person, making treatment difficult.


The virus attacks the organs that have ACE-2 receptors, such as the lungs, heart, kidneys and gastrointestinal tract.

On entry into the pulmonary system, the SARS-CoV-2 virus attaches itself onto ACE-2receptors. These receptors are mainly found in a small subset of cells in the lung called type 2 alveolar cells. ACE-2 is a receptor similar to ACE, angiotensin-converting enzyme, an enzyme in the Renin-Angiotensin system (RAS). ACE-2 receptors are also found in the kidney and gastrointestinal tract, which can also harbor SARS-CoV. The scourge of COVID-19 is respiratory failure. This virus can cause diffuse alveolar damage that results in acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), severe inflammatory disease of the lung, that can lead to death.

Unlike other types of viral infections, most patients hospitalized with SARS-CoV-2 develop low white blood cell lymphocyte counts (lymphopenia) and pneumonia with characteristic “ground glass opacity” lung changes on chest x-ray or CT. In a study of 41 hospitalized patients, there were high-levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines including IL-2, IL-7, IL-10, G-CSF, IP-10, MCP-1, MIP-1A, and TNFα, indicative of the “cytokine storm.



Any electric current (the net movement of electrons) induces a magnetic field and any magnetic field in turn induces an electric field.

During the life-cycle of a typical virus, the virus does produce a magnetic effect, as the information-carrier molecule is charged and the production of a new virus requires the net transport of charged molecules. Note that by convention viruses are not living entities.

If rotating magnetic fields have an effect on the virus in vitro, it is possible to not obtain the same effect in vivo.

What happens if a rotating magnetic field is applied in COVID 19 antiviral treatment?

It is hard to say if it will help or not in direct treatment or as an adjunct to drugs treatment. The presented studies in this article, referring to application of rotating magnetic fields against bacteria and plasmodium falciparum ( malaria ) indicates encouraging results in combined treatments and direct applications like: reducing blood viscosity, improving microcirculation and improves treatment and shortens its duration in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which can be helpful at the first look, in COVID 19 treatment, but this would be a multi-disciplinary research which need the contribution of virology, physic and signal processing experts.

"Coronavirus, Immunity and Use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF’s)"

Medical Director, PEMF Training Academy,

"This paper is intended to discuss the immune responses of the body to the COVID-19 virus, as we know them now. Also, I will also present how pulsed electric magnetic fields (PEMFs) affect inflammation, a hallmark of infection with this virus. "

The immune response

"In most infections, the body mounts a brisk defensive immune response. White blood cell (WBC) counts usually go up, mostly represented by lymphocytes. Lymphocytes engaged in battle with a virus will produce alarm sounding molecules, called cytokines. There are both pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines. The cytokines tell other circulating WBCs that help is needed for the battle. As more and more WBCs enter the fight, progressively greater amounts of cytokines are produced. When the amounts become disproportionately large, the so-called “cytokine storm” happens."

Considerations : " PEMFs have been shown to have multiple supportive anti-infective and immune supportive actions in the body and may be used as an adjunctive therapy pre-infection, during early infection and facilitating recovery after infection "

Related devices :

"Rotating Magnets Produce a Prompt Analgesia Effect in Rats "


 Zhong Chen Southern Medical University (China) Hui Ye Loyola University Chicago, Haiyun Xu Shantou University Shukang An Southern Medical University (China) Anmin Jin Southern Medical University (China)


Conclusions :

All of this suggests our knowledge is limited in this field and we should go further with the research in this area.

"XDEVICE " - rotating magnetic field generator author :

S.T. Bucharest, Romania

contact email :