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I am a passionate programmer who is always looking for building innovative solutions to problems faced by people. I like to build and disrupt things for the greater good of humanity. I love complete software solutions and am deeply passionate about where the game of technology will take us on roller coaster ride tomorrow.

I also have been writing actively on my blog,

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"@warren I have done so and made a Pull Request that got merged. ( I am working on my next Pull Request " | Read more » over 2 years ago
"" how could we best show people who's nearby, and what projects they might be able to get involved in? How could we help people quantify and unders..." | Read more » over 2 years ago
"Hello @warren, What I mean by gamification of contribution process is that, contributors tend to be more active when they have points to achieve. ..." | Read more » over 2 years ago
"@warren Omniauth structure. Older structure => It creates new user when a person registers (using traditional methods) and the authentication ..." | Read more » over 2 years ago


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