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straylight "wow, what a great sounding project Philipp. I like your thinking. Taking an average over 10 or more rows of the camera image is really good. The i..." | Read more » almost 11 years ago
straylight "thanks Brian, if you cut a big hole in the side of the bottle and pass the bunsen in through that. Then feed the gas hose in through a smaller hol..." | Read more » about 11 years ago
straylight "I should add, we have done this experiment using the old turntable spectroscopes using the flame thrower apparatus with good results. We used a pro..." | Read more » over 11 years ago
straylight " "I can add a "use recent calibration" checkbox to the image upload form to streamline this if it's interesting to you." yes, that would be great...." | Read more » over 11 years ago
straylight "can some kind person explain how to put images inline and how to embed the youtube vid, ta ! stu " | Read more » over 11 years ago