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jjcreedon "yes, we had the same issue here. Very difficult to pinpoint source. However, toxins are toxins.. This is what we did: 1.we tested (soil) in nearby ..." | Read more » about 3 years ago
jjcreedon "Why dont you do some community soil testing in areas where folks could be the most exposed? Plus, its much easier to test the soil as a surrogate f..." | Read more » about 3 years ago
jjcreedon " Yes, agreed. I was just thinking about this yesterday. There most def is a cost barrier associated with soil testing. Thats why if a community gro..." | Read more » almost 5 years ago
jjcreedon " XRF analyzers are expensive to purchase; however , most companies that sell them will also rent instruments. This is a great option for large proj..." | Read more » about 5 years ago