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Oil and Gas Hardware Fellow Status Update: Week 9!

by wmacfarl | November 25, 2019 22:30 25 Nov 22:30 | #21581 | #21581

I was doing some travelling and got sick and had some other personal issues come up over the last week and a half so this update is pretty minor. I'm home and healthy and looking forward to digging deeper into sensor troubleshooting and calibration this coming week!

The big thing that happened last week was the Use Your Sensors event hosted by @charlotte_clarke and @rollinrenola. It was great to get the simple sensor prototype out into the wild for some basic testing!

Among other things, this testing demonstrated some flaws in my documentation/process as well as the google-sheets datalogging script, and I spent a little bit of time testing sensors and to help with the calibration process. I will be updating my instructions and process based on this testing.

Beyond that refining and improving documentation and sensor-code, this coming week should be about playing with the other sensors using the same simple-sensor framework.


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