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Oil and Gas Hardware Fellow Status Update: Week 7

by wmacfarl | November 12, 2019 15:44 12 Nov 15:44 | #21466 | #21466

Hi everyone! The update this week will not be fundamentally different from last week's because I've been working on mostly the same two projects: - Open Hour outreach and preparation - Simplifying the design for a simple water quality sensor kit using the DF Robot family of liquid sensors

I am very excited about the Open Hour conversation we have planned -- Open Hour is a really great way to connect people interested in an issue together and to leverage the community-building that Public Lab does around these environmental issues. The OpenHour is tonight (Tuesday, November 12th) at 8pm and I hope that you'll check it out if you can.

Over the course of this last week I finished making a first prototype for a simple water sensor kit, inspired in many ways by the Public Lab Simple Air Sensor. I posted a first set of build-instructions for this prototype as well as notes documenting thoughts and considerations of the project design

Looking forward in the coming week I plan to take some of this work with the turbidity sensor and extend it to some of the other liquid sensors as well as spend some time returning to the questions of how to calibrate and get useful data off of the turbidity sensor and pH sensor


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