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Arduino + Figaro hydrogen sulfide sensor

by warren | September 06, 2011 21:54 06 Sep 21:54 | #454 | #454

With sample code:

Some time ago I had nasty smells in my kitchen and no I didn’t leave an egg salad on the table for a few weeks or a bucket of prawns in the sun... The smell was hydrogen sulfide or commonly know as sewer gas.


Re: temperature and humidity correction via an Arduino sensor -- currently (8/21/12), the least expensive I can find are the DHT11/22 sensors for $5 / $12.50 on Adafruit. The sensors are almost identical except for the sensitivty; details via that link, but in summary:

  • The $5 version (DHT11) is good for 20-80% ± 5% humidity readings and 0-50°C ± 2°C temperature readings
  • The $12.50 version (DHT22) is good for 0-100% ± 2-5% humidity readings and -40 to 125°C ± 0.5 °C temperature readings

Adafruit has example code, tutorial, and ordering info via the above link.

Am ordering a few of the DHT22s, will post results of tests soon.

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