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Piezoelectric biosensors for estrogen and organophosphate detection

by warren | July 25, 2011 17:35 25 Jul 17:35 | #410 | #410

There are several commercial piezoelectric biosensors available from companies such as Elchema (Potsdam, NY) and Maxtek (Torrance, CA) which have been used to test for substances like estrogen and organophosphates (29, 102)



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  2. Halamek, J., J. Pribyl, A. Makower, P. Skladal, and F.W. Scheller. 2005. Sensitive detection of organophosphates in river water by means of a piezoelectric biosensor. Anal. Bioanal. Chem. 382: 1904-1911.

This is increasingly greek to me, but i think they're using instruments like this:


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