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TechPresident: Digital Mappers Plot the Future of Maptivism

by warren | June 03, 2011 23:14 03 Jun 23:14 | #332 | #332

Egads! I was quoted as saying "does it always have to be open source? No..." -- but don't worry, I had a good reason to say so: (by Nancy Scola)

And Warren, at least, worries about the presumption that new mapping technologies are inextricably tied to the open data movement. "Does it always have to be open source?," he says, before answering his own question. "No, some data doesn't have to be." Communities with unsettled land claims might not be eager, for example, to have their fields and grazing patterns precisely plotted out. "They want to keep it private, and that's legit." He points to mapping work he did in some of Lima's challenged neighborhoods. "We haven't submitted it to OpenStreetMap. We haven't made it compatible with any other system. We haven't translated it into anything beyond being just a picture."


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