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Infrared camera hacking at Parts and Crafts

by warren | April 18, 2011 23:25 18 Apr 23:25 | #179 | #179

Today I spent a few hours hacking $10 Walgreens digital cameras with some young environmental scientists at Parts and Crafts, a DIY-oriented "camp" in Somerville, Massachusetts.

Three or four campers opened up the cameras with screwdrivers, and I assisted them in removing the infrared-block filter, as described in our near-infrared camera page.

Reed opens a $10 Walgreens camera

We then added infrared-pass filters, made from negatives of exposed film, and set out to test our creations. Tomorrow we'll be creating giant photography "towers" from 8 foot tubes, taped together, and will attempt to do a very low altitude mapping of a nearby community garden.

Christmas tree and fence


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