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I was just contacted by a guy from, which has been absorbed into ThermoFisher -- he came across our work and was duly impressed -- and tried downloading some of our data to run in their old technology demo site,

With a small modification, our CSV exports will upload to their site and run in a search against a collection of 8000 spectra, of combined publicly available sources. I modified our CSV export to "just work" on their site (preserving the more compete CSV export as "CSV (raw)") and now you can upload your spectra directly to try searching. Woohoo! Above is Chris F's neon spectrum in their uploader.

A few things:

  • first click on "By Spectrum Matching" at the bottom of the first section of links
  • choose "UV-VIS" -- that range worked best for me
  • the site hiccups from time to time -- it was written a while ago
  • I imagine it is matching absorption, so we'll need to begin developing a consistent way to measure absorption and generate CSVs before we can expect to get a good match

Post if you get anywhere with this!


uhm, that is very good news. searching the database manually is painfully slow !

well done, thanks for modding the csv export.


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Hi all, seems to have gone? Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)... its maybe changed name after being absorbed by ThermoFisher?

Also while I'm about it, I'm sure your all aware of this excellent site, which gives explanations for RGB, displacement etc etc and spectral range, angular change etc. i.e drift and range change occurs when you adjust the angle of the diffraction grating and or use a different diffraction: Also where to buy alternative precision diffraction material at:


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Found -

Access the Demo - All you need to do is go to the Member's Login page, and type demo for the Email Address (there's no password). This will access the account member's area, but it will only allow you to search the smaller demo database. When you log in under a demo account, it will be filled automatically with a fixed number of credits. As you search the database, search charges will be deducted from the demo account balance in the same manner as they would be for account members. However, the member account management features are disabled and you cannot "purchase" more credits while logged in to a demo account.

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