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Spectrometer assembly in full swing

by warren | December 05, 2012 22:46 05 Dec 22:46 | #5123 | #5123

The DIY Spectrometry Kickstarter project is humming along as Mathew Lippincott is up to his elbows in foldable paper spectrometers out in Portland, and here in Somerville, we are preparing for our own big assembly of desktop spectrometry kits. I know all you KS backers are eager to see our progress, so here are some photos and other updates! Apologies for slow responses to your messages and comments; please bear with us as we get these rewards out the door.

Foldable spectrometers

Mathew spent a lot of time cutting up DVDs, which will be shipping with your foldable spectrometers. I get to do this tomorrow.

more spectrometer prep

Assembly instructions with DVDs taped to them.


Lasercut spectrometers ready to be folded up by you.


This is what you'll be receiving shortly if you selected the foldable spectrometer reward!

reworking jeferonix's fold up spectrometer

A partially assembled spectrometer:

reworking jeferonix's fold up spectrometer

DIY spectrometry kits

The black paper inserts, conduit boxes, and other parts have been steadily flowing into our workspace in Somerville (the Pirateship). The inserts are now being lasercut.

Spectrometer inserts arrive!!

The 800+ lbs of aluminum conduit boxes which are our new spectrometer enclosures were the most dramatic:

800 lbs of conduit boxes arrive

Finally, we stickered a few with our new labels, assembled final packaging, and did a quick photo shoot. Gorgeous!

Public Lab Desktop Spectrometry Kit

Public Lab Desktop Spectrometry Kit


Incredible. I wish I was closer so I could help. It looks like lots of fun. Nice sticker.

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