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LEAFFEST Infragram camboard batch tests

by warren | September 13, 2013 15:52 13 Sep 15:52 | #9325 | #9325

Above is a compilation of all the camera board tests we did at LEAFFEST 2013 last weekend; I combined them into a single image to batch process with the Photo Monitoring Plugin for Fiji. Here are the results, with a well-organized PSD file at the end. The lead image is the "raw" version -- i.e. just what we got from the cameras.

This is the greyscale NDVI (click for full size):


This used the built-in "16color-lut" lookup table to colorize NDVI (click for full size):


Here's the full Photoshop file: leaffest-tests.psd (89 MB)

I'd like to use Chris Fastie's LUT which shows a clear cutoff between positive and negative values. In particular, the "JANE" camera did well on these tests, and that LUT tends to make that clear -- see how the dead leaves in the mixed sun JANE with Rosco 74 are negative, but the grass they're sitting on is positive -- while the bench is negative but the moss on the bench is positive:


That's encouraging -- it's distinguishing dead from healthy leaves, and moss from bench, which you can see in this normal image of the same scene at within a half hour of the JANE photo:


Here's a full breakdown of the JANE-74 image from mixed sun -- see how although dead leaves and grass are bright in the near infrared channel, the leaves are not absorbing much visible light, and are reflective in the blue channel:



Where can I get a copy of Chris's LUT?


Got the LUT from Chris/Ned via the plots-infrared mailing list. It's here: NDVIBlu2RedWB.lut Great:


Also, here's an animated GIF swapping between NDVI and raw, for the right half of the images:

animated gif


I guess i should've made all the labels colored so they show up :-P

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Jane is looking good. Do you have any more Janes?

Congrats on the new fan club. You're getting 100-200 views per hour. I hope they are all friendly ツ

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I'm really not sure where they're all from. I don't see anything in Google Analytics; i wonder if they're spambots, or what? Hey all -- speak up, where are you coming from? Welcome!

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3500 views in the last 10 hours. Your other note on the camboard tests also has 5k views. You must have the magic touch. However, none of your other recent notes have high views, and Google Analytics is not seeing these thousands of views. Must be either aliens or NSA. Some experiments are in order.

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Yeah, i think it's spambots. I looked through the logs and saw 89 requests for this page from one IP; i'm sure a lot of the others are similar, esp. if they are just scripts and don't run JavaScript, which would have made them register on GA.

One good way to check out IPs for spamminess is to look them up at Project Honeypot: (although they seem to be having some uptime issues right now) I found the following IPs from a quick search through recent log entries, and took notes on some: - spammer: - Kansas city high school - spammer:

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