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by warren | August 17, 2021 19:05 17 Aug 19:05 | #27575 | #27575

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After two years of design and development, with extensive input from Public Lab staff, community, and a TON of hard work by our code community -- especially @ruthnwaiganjo (🎉) - we're launching the new Public Lab dashboard, officially the 4th major dashboard revision we've done since 2010.

If you haven't seen it already, please check out (login is required)

The old dashboard will still be available for some time at, and there is a permanent place for the "all posts" feed at


The biggest change is that the dashboard is re-organized around topical areas, rather than individual posts. That means you see a list of the topics you follow, sorted by recency.


The second big change is the visibility of the mapping features of Public Lab, which, if you enter your location, will show you content near you, as shown in the lead image.

There are also still some refinements coming, including a more image-rich view.

A ton of other changes, refinements, and paradigm shifts are baked into here, all of which came out of extensive consultation with Public Lab staff and community. I'd like to especially thank @ruthnwaiganjo for bringing this vision to life through her Outreachy fellowship, and to thank Outreachy for the incredible support they've shown for our community.


The new dashboard looks terrific! Thanks for all your incredible work on this @ruthnwaiganjo, @warren, and other folx in the code community! ❤️

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Notes to facilitator/admins/mods - you can change the feature at the foot of the new dashboard using the Feature name dashboard-topics-footer - and it will display whatever you like there. We’ve put the boxes for air quality and water quality there as an example.

A new user sees this as their dashboard, which makes that configurable footer feature very good real estate to recruit newcomers into specific topics:


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Thank you so much! It was a pleasure working on the new dashboard! I loved the culture, the support, and the honest feedback during the process.

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can the dashboard be redisigned as regards to ui?

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