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Design for coffee spectrometer

by warren | August 08, 2013 14:52 08 Aug 14:52 | #8981 | #8981

Based on the ideas I was brainstorming a few days ago, I put together a 3d model of a sort of countertop smartphone-based coffee spectrometer which uses eyedroppers as the sample container. It has a built-in light in a closed chamber, and shines light through the eyedropper full of coffee, and into the smartphone camera.

I'm going to try to have this 3d printed at, and see if I can get it working.

Here's the Sketchup file I made: coffee-spec.skp

Here is another Sketchup file which I tried to make "watertight" for 3d printing: coffee-spec-for-printing.skp

And a few more file types:


coffee-spec-for-printing.dxf (AutoCAD '12)


The 3d print came back! It looks super nice, although I'll probably polyurethane it to make it shinier and more spill-proof. It needs black paint on the inside, as well. I'll try to outfit it soon and see what we can get done with it:





Update! The 3d print returned and it looks great!

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Just found some more kinda cheap spectrometers on journal of chemical education:

they say to have a 0.1 nm resolution...

download it here

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Great similar concept but for tiny quantities, posted at Hackteria's wiki:

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