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Spectral Workbench upgrades published

by warren | July 28, 2021 12:58 28 Jul 12:58 | #27345 | #27345

Yesterday @icarito and I published the latest Spectral Workbench code for the first time in some months, including fixes to routing, optimizations, and for the most part, version upgrades to underlying systems. We expect that to bring more stability and speed, but we haven't yet begun publishing new features or many significant bugfixes.

We hope to set a new rhythm of publishing new changes and want to let Spectral Workbench users know about an upcoming new revision of the Capture interface led by Mohammad Warid via our #gsoc Google Summer of Code program. @waridrox will be leading this project to bring the revamped capture interface from our more modern JavaScript library over to

You can follow Mohammad's work here:

And you can read Mohammad's original proposal here:


Looks great!

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Very welcome news! Thanks @warren @icarito @waridox !!!

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