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Infragram test photos from a plane window

by warren | May 27, 2013 18:32 27 May 18:32 | #7932 | #7932

I flew back from Colorado via Philly and took lots of Infragram photos the whole way. Here are some of the best... they look amazing! Some worked better than others; the golf course didn't work well at all. Also - i'm not sure if the gradient in the first and third ones is due to overall brightness or perhaps due to scattering in the blue channel from air moisture...





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these are great!

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Those are nice sharp airplane window shots. I made NBG false color infrared from them and added them to the Infrafilters posts: They look great in NGB, including the golf course. I guess the fading NDVI with distance could be Rayleigh scattering increasing the blue content of the blue channel the farther the light has to travel through air. That would make the blue values larger in the distance, so the NIR-Blue would be smaller and NDVI would decrease with distance.

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