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Web Working Group Update 15: February

by warren | March 02, 2017 15:52 02 Mar 15:52 | #13985 | #13985

Hi, all -- this is our 15th monthly web working group update. This month has been quieter than the last few, but still a great deal more active than a year ago:

Excluding merges, 9 authors have pushed 47 commits to master and 71 commits to all branches. On master, 60 files have changed and there have been 990 additions and 2,035 deletions.

As usual, you can check this out on GitHub Pulse.

RGSoC and GSoC

We've recently been accepted to both the Rails Girls Summer of Code and the Google Summer of Code, both summer fellowship programs for open source software, and are now accepting proposals from potential participants:

We are still looking for mentors for these programs; it's a great opportunity (as someone who uses to help shape this site and its features:

Editable subsections

As part of the ongoing #rich-wikis project, we've launched a prototype of in-line editing, (both in rich text and Markdown), which is still rough around the edges, but coming along nicely. This has also been spun out into a self-contained library with documentation for use in other projects:

Experimental chatroom bridging

We've also been testing some new stuff with our chatroom -- software contributors have been using a Gitter chatroom, Public Lab staff use Slack, and we've managed to bridge together a common channel across all of these. You can now use any of those services as well as, which is an open source system that provides much of the bridging capability, but has many of the nice interface features of Slack and Gitter (like image upload and notifications), as well as iOS and Android clients:

We'll see how this goes, but our goal is to see if we can help people communicate better no matter what their platform choices.


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